How HR Impacts Your Recruitment Success

One of the client onboarding questions we ask agencies when recruiting for a new hire for them, is do they have the necessary HR systems and processes in place to ensure that all potential candidates have a good all-round positive candidate experience. Some agencies are too small to have an internal or dedicated HR resource, … Continued

Handling difficult conversations!

I’m sure that at one point or another in our lives we have all had to have that “uncomfortable, awkward, let me put it off for as long as possible” conversation with someone. Whether it was covering sensitive subjects, such as telling a work colleague that their hygiene standards are pretty disgusting and affecting everyone’s … Continued

Tea Making Objectives – Are You Guilty?

I have worked at a few places in the past who only set their employee objectives at the dreaded annual appraisal. I have also seen some truly lame objectives set such as “turn up for work on time every day”, “keep up to date with your reporting” or “make a decent cup of tea” (that … Continued

Employee Engagement During The Probation Period

“I think I’ve passed my probation period as I haven’t been fired yet” or “I have a few concerns around this or that aspect of my job, should I wait for my 3-month probation review meeting to flag them as I don’t want to be seen to be causing trouble? Probation periods are in place … Continued

43% Of New employees Leave Within The First 90 Days Of Employment

Effective employee onboarding plays a critical role in an employee’s engagement, productivity, commitment, and retention. In fact, research found that as much as 43% (Source: Work Institute 2019 Retention Report) of staff turnover occurred within the first 90 days of a new employee’s start date. Key aspects of successful onboarding include ensuring that appropriate planning, … Continued

Paying Attention To Your Retention?

Lets face it; recruiting is costly for any company and frequently clients seem to think by either introducing a talent acquisition team, negotiating the lowest rates possible with recruitment agencies or by introducing a PSL (preferred supplier list) it will help to reduce costs. Granted having an internal talent team or negotiating ridiculously low rates … Continued


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