Square Peg Round Hole!

Square pegs round holes to explain finding the best creative candidates with the best job description




12 Jul 2021

Creative agency hiring managers its time to re-energise your hiring process.

As any creative agency currently recruiting for SEO, UX, UI, PPC, Web developers will know there is presently a global shortage of candidates with these skills and experience within the market AND in this fast-paced digital age it is only going to get worse! Understandably many employees are cautious to move jobs in these uncertain times.

What Pink Giraffe are experiencing is that agencies, who will NOT budge on their original job requisite and who dismiss any candidates who do not 100% tick all the boxes, are inadvertently creating a scenario of a square peg that doesn’t fit into the round hole of candidates’ expectations. This is impacting their time to fill ratio to unacceptable levels which obviously has a detrimental impact on them as a business and as an employer.

So, what can agencies do to try and minimize the impact?

Hiring managers need to adapt to accommodate the candidate market and focus more on a culture and value alignment.

Make job adverts standout – be creative to differentiate your agency.

Ensure that any skills testing exercises are applicable for the role as asking candidates to complete a task not relevant to the role and not within their expertise will give a misleading impression of the candidate.

If a candidate doesn’t have all the required technology or application certifications and they are open to learning new ones, then look at arranging for them to attend training courses to achieve accreditation.

If possible, offer flexibility around location which is aligned to the candidate’s preference, as some employees prefer coming into an office 5 days a week whilst others will only consider full-time remote working.

Consider juniors or graduates, they may not yet have the experience, but they do have the desire to learn, develop, and can be more easily molded into the role.

Does your employee value proposition (EVP) offer the right types of benefits and rewards that make you stand out from your competitors?

Increase and promote your employer brand awareness via career site, linked in, social media, employee referral schemes & video testimonials.

Pink Giraffe deliver Talent Acquisition and HR Services for Creative agencies across the Southwest.

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