Welcome to Capture-The-Culture-Challenge-2024

The rules of the challenge...

Congratulations, Pink Giraffe have selected your agency to take part in our Capture-The-Culture-Challenge-2024. Inside the box you received was a hand-written letter explaining what it is about your agency that we like, and why you have received this box of fun!

Our approach is to partner with agencies who align to our values or are focused on tech for good, people and the planet. We have hand-picked just 50 agencies we LOVE the look of to take part.

All you need to do is:

Grab your Pink Giraffe box,
Start to unload all the props,
Play ‘pin the lashes on the giraffe’.
And take pics or videos of your agency having a laugh.

If you want you can go one step further and use your creativity to turn the pics and videos into animations, podcasts, or something to showcase what your agency do and what a great culture you have!

Once complete post your antics on your own agency’s LinkedIn page and tag @PinkGiraffe and hit ‘follow' button on our LinkedIn page, then simply add the #Capture-The-Culture-Challenge2024 and name a charity your agency would want to support should you win! Please like, share, and get your awesome team to upload their own pics too. (The more the merrier!)

Now to spice things up…

We will have an expert panel of ‘agency judges’ who will select the top 3 agencies who showcased their culture and creativity to win one of the following prizes:

• 1st Prize = £500 donation from Pink Giraffe towards a charity of your agency’s choice.
• 2nd Prize = £250 donation from Pink Giraffe towards a charity of your choice.
• 3rd Prize = Pizza on us! (For your office!)

Now have some fun and showcase what makes your agency a great place to work!

NOW: Let #Capture-The-Cuture-Challenge-2024 begin!

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