Looking for a new marketing agency job?

Are you looking for a new marketing agency job? Like most major life changing events, for many of us, it is not an overnight decision, but a buildup of certain incidents and experiences that leads us to that point where we feel now is the right time to move on and make that important change … Continued

Sometimes it’s ok to say ‘No!’

I am a relationship person and I enjoy supporting my clients thoroughly.  I also believe that the key to a successful client relationship isn’t about being a ‘yes’ person but to challenge a clients’ way of thinking in order to help get them results that really count (For the long-term). I’ve worked for recruitment agencies … Continued

Square Peg Round Hole!

Creative agency hiring managers its time to re-energise your hiring process. As any creative agency currently recruiting for SEO, UX, UI, PPC, Web developers will know there is presently a global shortage of candidates with these skills and experience within the market AND in this fast-paced digital age it is only going to get worse! … Continued

Creative Agencies And Their Unicorns!

Creative Agencies And Their Unicorns! Are you a small or medium sized creative agency? Do you have a few key employees that have been with you from the very beginning and their value and input have evolved in line with your agency’s growth? They usually wear many hats and cover a variety of roles across … Continued

Not Recruiting? Here’s How We Can (umm) Help?!

So, without jumping on the (don’t want to mention it) bandwagon, we at Pink Giraffe wanted to help those who are NOT recruiting currently. Yes, you heard me right!! If you are NOT recruiting, we still want to speak to you! At a time of uncertainty many companies are now putting their recruitment on hold, … Continued

3 Quick Tips To Help Improve Your Agencies Hiring Process

Having worked as a recruitment consultant both agency side and within internal talent acquisition teams; I’m sorry to say I have witnessed some pretty darn awful recruitment processes in my time! No…honestly, some make me shudder just thinking about it! In the hope of never having to shudder again, I have put together 3 quick … Continued


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