How HR Impacts Your Recruitment Success




22 Mar 2022

One of the client onboarding questions we ask agencies when recruiting for a new hire for them, is do they have the necessary HR systems and processes in place to ensure that all potential candidates have a good all-round positive candidate experience.

Some agencies are too small to have an internal or dedicated HR resource, so they outsource their HR to an external HR consultancy, or it’s managed by a non-HR qualified employee alongside their other job within the agency. As far as a few agencies are concerned they have all their HR adequately covered or they don’t see the positive correlation between having robust HR processes and the recruiting of new hires.

So…your HR systems are all in place, we will start the recruitment process straight away.

Need help with writing a clearly defined job description, sure no problem, we can help with that, need interviewing advice and you don’t have applicable job-related skills testing in place, we can help with that too.

Great news you have found an exceptional candidate who interviewed great, aced the skills test and is absolutely the right fit for your agency! You want to make an offer; unfortunately, the below scenarios are becoming all too common for a few agencies:

  • You want to offer them less than what they were asking for but offer slightly more than they are currently earning. regrettably, when the candidate handed in their resignation with their current employer they received a counteroffer and have decided to stay where they are.
  • Terms and conditions of employment have the wrong personal details, are not up to date, have misleading or missing information and have unenforceable or no post term restrictions in place. Not a great first-time impression of your internal HR processes!
  • The candidate has accepted, all ready to start and really looking forward to joining your agency, however you haven’t got the required level of resource, time or know how to provide a structured onboarding plan and the candidate becomes disillusioned, demotivated and in danger of not staying around for very long.

If agencies do not have a robust HR system in place from start to finish, they are in danger of elongating the entire recruitment process, wasting valuable resource, souring the candidates experience and their initial impression they had of your agency or worst-case scenario completely put the candidate off joining your agency.

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